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September LED bulb price dropped 3% compared to August

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Most notably, the LED bulb price for 40W replacement underwent the steepest drop in Japan and South Korea, while the price for 60W replacement experienced the biggest setback in Europe. At present, the LED product prices for 40W and 60W replacements have declined to USD 23.1 and USD 42.3, respectively.According to the survey conducted by LEDinside, LED bulb ASP for 40W replacement decreased by 3% with the most significant drops appearing in Japan (2%) and South Korea (6%). In particular, the South Korean makers’ low price strategy for their new products generate a considerable amount of interest, with the ASP hit a new low of USD 12.2 in September.As for 60W replacement, the LED bulb ASP in September plummeted to USD 42.3, a 3% drop compared to August. Due to the manufacturer’s low-price strategies, Europe experienced the most evident ASP decline of 6%.LED Bulb ASP Dropped below USD 50/KlmAccording to LEDinside, the LED bulb ASPs for 40W and 60W replacements fell to USD 49.7/Klm and USD 52.3/Klm in September, respectively.

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