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VIDEO TLC debuts new special ”Man without a Penis”

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A man who was born without a penis hopes to have one surgically constructed using skin, blood vessels and nerves from his arm.

Andrew Wardle, 40, from Greater Manchester was born with bladder exstrophy, which is where the bladder forms outside of the body. As a result, he was born with testicles but without a penis.

He’s lived that way for four decades, but despite this has managed to bed over 100 women.

Wardle has shared his story on TLC’s ‘The Man With No Penis’, in which he discusses the possibility of life-changing surgery which could give him a fully functioning penis for the first time in his life.

The documentary – filmed over 12 months – charts Wardle’s life, including how he kept his secret from friends, family, former lovers and his long-term girlfriend, Fedra Fabian.

Wardle previously made headlines after he managed to keep his secret from Fabian for an entire year.

He met his girlfriend while she was working at a summer camp in the UK. When she returned to her native Budapest they remained in contact via Skype for months, before she decided to move to England to be with him.

“I told her I had kidney infections and stuff, so she wouldn’t touch my kidneys, or touch me anywhere. It kind of kept her away,” Wardle said previously.

Meanwhile Fabian said she didn’t feel “betrayed” because it was “his personal business”.

In a recent interview, Wardle said the past 30 years have been tough.

“When I was a kid, it didn’t really bother me. I was good at hiding it. But I knew when I became a teenager it was going to be a big problem,” Wardle told People magazine.

When he hit his teens, he turned to drugs and drink to help escape reality. But after reaching his thirties, Wardle found out about the surgery.

“They told me they could build a penis out of my arm,” he explained.

Speaking about his sexual past, Wardle previously said: “I’d take girls to bed but tell them I things could only go so far because I couldn’t rise to the occasion.

“Most of the time they didn’t seem too bothered – they liked the fact I could pleasure them in other ways and never expected anything in return.”

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