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Prince Harry Gets Mistaken for a Clown By a Little Girl at a Charity Gala—See …

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Prince Harry was in his element tonight as he charmed – and was charmed by – some of the bravest sick children in the country.

After being hilariously mistaken for a balloon-modelling clown, the prince looked visibly touched as he was given a beautifully-made pottery penguin by another young admirer.

The fifth in line to the throne was attending the annual WellChild Awards at the London Hilton Hotel in Park Lane.

She has since battled cancer three times and suffered a severe stroke, which has left her suffering from fits – which hospitalise her regularly – and behavioural issues.

Indeed, although she has ‘died’ on several occasions, she continues to amaze her family by fighting back against all expectations.

Nellie-Mai, nine – the most inspirational young person in the 7-10 age group – had Harry in fits of laughter as she playfully hit him with a balloon animal and asked: ‘Are you a clown? Can you make me a balloon animal please?’

‘I will try to but I can’t make any promises,’ said the prince.

Ruby Smallman, seven, was a princess charming as she gave Harry a beautifully hand-made gift.

The youngster, a pupil at Ricelane School in Liverpool, is the country’s most caring young person, nominated for her tireless care of her elder sister, Holly, 13, who has very complex healthcare needs including quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy and lung disease.

Despite her age, Ruby is able to administer emergency treatment using a suction pump on her sister’s tracheotomy.

Her mother, Hayley Smallman, said Harry was taken back with her present.

‘She told me she wanted to make a present for him and we went to a friend’s pottery studio, called Fishfingers in Liverpool, where she decided to make him a penguin as she knew he had been to the South Pole,’ she said.

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