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The Tech Behind Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood has long-since been ousted as faking just about everything. Green screens are in more shots than not these days and the line between human actors and digitized equivalents is getting blurrier every year. Let’s dig into some of the technology that Hollywood producers, screenwriters, and creative behemoths leverage to help bring their projects to life!

3D Modeling Sofware

The world of 3D has been around for decades (remember Lawnmower Man) but in the recent 10 or so has exploded forward in it’s application and efficiency. Cutting edge 3D modeling software makes short work of complex projects today and that power can, in many cases, be wielded by a single 3D artist. Programs like Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema4D and several others are now as major a component on major blockbuster productions as physical sets were a few years ago. Check out this list of 3D modeling software to see just how many options are floating around out there!

Machine Learning

This is a pretty generic topic, which has relevancy in nearly every field of study and market in the world. Machine learning is a process of computerized pattern recognition that has been around, at least in theory, for decades. Recent advances in GPU architecture and cloud computing resources has allowed this technology to reach new heights and levels of efficiency. Simply put; machine learning can solve problems in ways that mimic the human brain. These AI technologies can create images, 3D models, audio, and even stories. The scary part is that this type of technology can be used to create a realistic video of people doing things they’ve never actually done.

The Streaming Revolution

The next generation isn’t even going to remember what it was like to wait an entire week for a new episode of their favorite shows. Binge-watching entire seasons is the new way to soak in all one’s entertainment needs and streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu are making that a possibility. It’s taken a few years, but entertainment industry behemoths like Disney, CBC, and Amazon have all been grappling to gear up for the streaming wars. There’s no telling where the prices are going to land on these packages but one thing is clear—it’s going to reshape the production cycle of Hollywood forever. No more swepes weeks and awards seasons—consumers want a steady stream of shows year round without a wait. Producers are going to feel more pressure than ever to churn out content.

Subscription-Based Movie Tickets

The traditional TV may be a dying artifact of decades past but the thrill of the Silver Screen will likely never disappear. Fewer and fewer moviegoers turn out to see new hits but there’s still a steady stream every year. Widespread adoption of 3D-capable theatres, IMAX-format viewing options, and modernized schedules have kept the industry’s heart pumping through the death of movie rentals. Still, things haven’t been looking great for some time. New movie ticket subscription apps like Sinemia are helping to incentivize moviegoers to plop down in front of the big screen more often. For around $9 per month, subscribers can see three movies and have access to some other goodies like early showings and screenings of pre-releases. All this is being subsidized by movie theatre partnerships and VC funds so who knows how long it’ll last.

Virtual Reality

VR and AR have been buzzwords for nearly 40 years now and still haven’t really caught much traction. While donning a pair of oddly-colored glasses to make images pop off a movie screen is feasible, having $500 sets of VR goggles attached to every theatre seat isn’t. Nor is it feasible to expect any fair percentage of consumers to have access to that tech at home anytime soon either. Still, VR pushes forward and Hollywood is making use of it on several fronts. Actors and effects crews are able to sync production sequences across remote distances by effectively logging in to a shared work environment. This is helping speed up those production cycles all the new streaming services are demanding, right?

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