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Robyn Lawley Shows Off Stretch Marks On Instagram and Her Message Is Inspiring …

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AUSSIE Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Robyn Lawley has shared an intimate photo of her post-baby stretch marks in a get-back against hurtful web bullies.

The magazine’s first plus-sized model, who welcomed daughter Ripley in February with boyfriend Everest Schmidt, has spoken out after a gossip page falsely claimed she had considered an abortion to avoid getting stretch marks.

“It hurt so bad, the comments that ensued were derogatory to say the least,” she said.

“I was shocked not only because that is not what I said, not to mention i already had a tonne of stretch marks like 90% of the world, but to read that entire article and be already heavily pregnant, that’s their angle?

“I’m familiar with being bullied, once for not having a thigh gap (insert face palm) but to bully me for something I never said, not to mention my decision would need to be more based on the fact that I will be taking care of someone’s life, a heavy decision to make, would never rest on getting stretch marks alone.”

“I think until it was pulled it had over 500 or more very abusive comments with no help from the original publication or my friend frown emoticon I personally tweeted the author of the gossip website to ‘have a heart’ as it was causing a huge amount of stress to me and I was worried about my unborn baby’s health,” she shares on Facebook.

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