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Journalist left hysterically laughing after interview with an Australian …

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Last week, Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer announced that he plans to ride the weird trajectory of his viral fame all the way to Kirribilli House, and given our fair nation’s revolving door policy when it comes to Prime Minsters, he may even get his wish.

Thanks to the recent unpleasantness that has surrounded him – the lawsuit, the other lawsuit, the mutiny from his own council, the alleged kidnapping threats – a little bit of good press is clearly in order before he tackles the top job.

Thus, the Salim Mehajer Charm Offensive 2015 has begun, via a fawning profile in New Idea, who were invited to his palatial home to check out his “vast underground garage” and “moss-clad outdoor sauna”, neither of which are euphemisms for anything.

On their love, which spawned a wedding so big it shut down a street, and led to numerous viral videos, Salim’s wife Aysha said:

“We met a long time ago before he had anything – and we fell in love just like normal young people. What is important is to have something that’s irreplaceable with somebody. And what Salim and I have is priceless.”

On his “love of beauty” and the persistent rumours that he’s had a few nips and tucks, Salim said:

“I take it as a compliment that people think I’ve had work done, to be honest … It’s important to feel comfortable and happy with yourself, and if you want to change your look, go for it.”

New Idea printed some excerpts from the profile, which you can read here, while the full piece is available in the current edition of the magazine.

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