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Iceland bread advert banned over use of windmill

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AN Iceland video about its range of bread has been banned for oversimplifying the baking process and the number of ingredients.

The online video ad showed various bread products, the exterior of a windmill and an interview with a baker who appeared to be inside the windmill, and said: “Our stone-baked bread is made from the best wheat, sourdough, water, salt and an amount of yeast.

“The philosophy is that we only use natural ingredients … Once at home, store the bread in the freezer, bake the bread frozen in the oven.”

The Real Bread Campaign complained the ad was misleading because they understood the bread was produced using automated industrial techniques.

Iceland said the stone-baked products did not contain any artificial ingredients and the only additives were dextrose and wheat gluten.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled: “Because the depiction of the baking process, and claims surrounding it, did not accurately reflect the way in which the products were produced, we concluded that the (video) ad breached the code.”

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